Refund Policy

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Repack the item in its original packaging.

Then he handed it over to the company representative.
When we receive the item, we will confirm
  condition, and then we give your money back.

The most frequently asked questions
* Q: I received a defective/damaged product, can I get a refund?

If the product you received is damaged or if it has a defect, you can return the product within three days from the date of its receipt, provided that it is in the same condition in which you received it with the original box intact and / or the packaging intact, as soon as we receive the returned product, we will examine it, and if found If the product is defective or damaged, we will return the product value paid with any shipping fees that were paid within three days from the date of your request to return the product
* Q: I received a wrong product, how can I return it?

In the unusual circumstances where the product received is wrong, you can return the product in the same condition in which you received it with the original box intact and/or packaging intact. Once we receive the returned product, we will issue a refund as long as the return is made within the same day.
* Q: When is a “return” not possible?

There are some cases where it is difficult for us to support returns:
     1. If the return request was made outside the specified time frame, which is three days from the day of receipt.
     2. If the product is used, damaged or not in the same condition that you received it.
     3. Certain non-returnable categories such as underwear, cosmetics, socks...etc.
     4. Defective products covered by the manufacturer's warranty
     5. Any consumable product that has been used or installed.
     6. Products with tampered or counterfeit serial numbers.
     7. Anything missing from the package you received including price tags, labels, original packaging, free accessories and accessories.
     8. Fragile and personal hygiene products
     9. Groceries of all kinds.
* Q: I have changed my mind; Can I return what I purchased?

If you change your mind before receiving your product, simply contact us to cancel your order and we will issue a refund with any applicable shipping charges. If you wish to return the product after receiving it, you have up to three days to return it, subject to the rules mentioned below:
     1. The product should not be in the list of "non-returnable products".
     2. The product must not be a liquidation item and it is clearly stated that it is non-returnable.
     3. Only products whose "retail packaging" has never been opened (sealed/sealed box) and still have the original seal on them can be returned.
* Q: Which products cannot be returned?
Products that cannot be returned are:
     1. The product must not be a liquidation item and it is clearly stated that it is non-returnable.
     2. When the offer notes specifically state that the product cannot be returned.
* Products that fall under the categories listed below: Lingerie Underwear Socks Software Music albums Books Swimwear Cosmetics and perfumes Women's hosiery
Grocery items
* Food requests
* Some medical drugs also, any consumable products that have been used or installed cannot be returned. As described in the Consumer Protection Law and its implementing regulations and in the non-returnable products section.
* Q: How long does it take to receive returned items?
Usually, a representative of our company will contact you within one to three days of the day you requested a return.
* Q: Can I make an appointment with us to return a product?
Yes, you can communicate with us via the means of communication on the Contact Us page. Once the communication is complete, the company representative will contact you to receive the product, and you can also provide him with your preferred time.
* Q: Can I return my product after three days?
There may be situations in which you are unable to return products within three days, and in these cases, please contact our customer service team at (6422) or through the "Support Tickets" page to file a complaint. Complaints are dealt with on a case by case basis. However, all references accepted under consumer protection laws must adhere to the specified period.
* Q: How can I get my refund if the payment method is credit card?
If you have paid through electronic means (credit card or debit card), the amount paid will be refunded to your card. The amount paid may take up to a week to appear on your card statement, depending on how long the bank takes to complete this process.
* Q: I paid by cash on delivery, how do I get a refund?
If you have paid via the “Cash on Delivery” service, the amount will be refunded in the form of credit to your bank account or to your wallet on Hyper Express. Then you can use the balance of the wallet to either make new purchases easily on Hyper Express or simply transfer the balance to your bank account profile. For security purposes, the name on the bank account must be the same as the name on your Hyper Express wallet and account. Making a purchase less than or equal to the available balance in the Hyper Express wallet: If the total amount of the new purchase including the delivery fee is less than or equal to the available balance in the Hyper Express wallet, the system will notify you that there is enough balance in the Hyper Express wallet. You will then need to click on "